The Plaid Connection

We made the connection just like many have, yes plaid is definitely the trend this season. There has always been a sexiness about plaid, it’s easy to style and there’s no wrong way doing it. From the streets of NYC to the alleys of Paris plaid is making a bold strut and we are beside ourselves, madly in love with this trend.
The sophisticated look you get when wearing plaid serves up a fashionable dose of nostalgia, plaid yay! we say. Whether you sport a plaid double breast blazer, a tailored suit, or a cigarette pants; you feel that Casa Blanca vibe and cool as cucumber fashionista, Bogart must be smiling down at us.

Every body type gets a fair play in wearing plaid, it’s a print that offers a flattering look so no one gets left out on this one. One of our favorites is the paper bag style plaid pants, a smart transition from the office to date night. We love the versatility wearing plaid offers, it goes well with sneakers, heels or boots; now thats chic and effortless styling.

So grab your boyfriend shirt, a chic blazer, that sexy crop sweater or that soft cardigan you’ve been wanting to wear and make that connection……it’s on plaid.