Pantsuits Are A Thing

From Runways to Red Carpet, pantsuits are once again taking its place as a fashion staple. The eclectic styles include tailored classics, outerwear with a street vibe edge, stripes and sequins geared for formal and special occasion ensembles . These styles boasts bright colors and revolutionized designs all which makes for a chic strut at any occasion.

Pantsuits made it’s debut back in the 1920”s with a small number of women who opted for this masculine style. As the social movement to gain full and equal rights for women gained momentum in the 1960”s the notion that females and skirts were synonymous became outdated. French designer Yves Saint Laurent and other top designers responded to the desired liberation in the 1930’s and began creating the pantsuit; outfitted, designed and tailored specifically for women comprising of matching slacks and jackets. Every woman should make pantsuits part of their wardrobe, pantsuits are a quick and easy go to look that requires minimal accessorizing and shows off a finished look. So if you’re wondering about what might be missing from your styling repertoire, a pantsuit or two may very well be.