Sip Shop & Chat

The company-guided way of creating mentor-mentee relationships in a productive, HR-compliant way.

Sip Shop & Chat Features

  • Curated retail shopping
  • Mentor/Mentee Benefits
  • Mix and Mingle with Peers
  • Express Yourself Showcase
  • Trivia Games and Prices
  • Outstanding Recognitions

Based on performance, employees can be rewarded with: in-house recognition, retail shopping, complimentary hotel accommodation, world class dining, and much more. There are hosts of recognitions employees would appreciate; a dedicated program that is geared toward achieving this goal will promote an improved, more efficient workforce in being successful as a team.

Welcome to our Corporate events hub, where through a vibrant and eclectic social medium connect employees with their employers.
This revolutionary platform serves as a morale boost to all participants; as most employees in a large corporate environment never see each other even though they work within the same infrastructure. An opportunity to put a face to someone in HR, Accounting, Customer Service or Management can improve inter- company relationships.

Sip Shop & Chat provides a meeting of the minds in an informal atmosphere. No longer will an employee’s impersonal interpretation of co-worker be trivialized. Working relationships are enhanced and the success of the company is defined beyond traditional metrics.

This premier, ground breaking and innovative way provides companies with an excellent opportunity in familiarizing, socializing and recognizing their work force talents and contributions. We provide a curated line up of retailers and private brands at each event to tantalize and tease your shopping appetite.

Benefits of Sip, Shop & Chat

We believe there is a corset of essentials that are congruent to every working relationship


A key component in getting people to work together can be their familiarity and particular knowledge of a certain product, specific environment or procedural standards relating to a subject matter. Those who share these core competencies are often more productive as a whole when they develop a personal working relationship. Testy egos become reliant aptitudes. SIP SHOP & CHAT serves as an endorsement in ensuring such.


Employees who possess a profound knowledge of a company’s product and services, can be a vital intermediary to new employees coming on board. A mentor/mentee program ensures a robust and vibrant workforce when a seasoned employee’s mentorship and proficiency contributes to the company’s overall mission.


Creating a culture of recognition in the workplace is telling your employee ‘you’ve earned it’. This platform builds and boost the overall morale of the workforce and also cultivates better attitudes and engagements. Gone are the times when people’s focus is on the highest paying job, the twenty first century has brought about a career mindset of who are the better companies to work for. Recognition has always been a nucleus in attracting the best talents for a company. SIP SHOP & CHAT demonstrates the standard of recognition with it’s rewards platform.


High employee turnover can increase a company’s expenses and also negatively affect that company’s morale. Having the aforementioned congruence (FAMILIARITY, RECOGNITION and KNOWLEDGE) solidifies your company’s mainstay and viability in the sector or industry you engage. SIP SHOP & CHAT’S medium is a great way to engage and ensure all the right constituents through our social platform.

Each function interacts and relate with the other creating a dynamic blending effect. Familiarity with those whom we share a common goal serves as a steady component to the growth of every company. We invite you to align your company’s vision via a social medium in which your employees talents and expertise are unrivaled.

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